The turbulent world. How to live in it?

Do you feel the world is an uncontrollable chaos with no stability?  It’s nothing wrong with you. It is really an era of chaos.  When all structures in many areas are not working as they used to. The best thing you can do is become flexible and creative.

Don’t make plans for your life for the long term.  Only plan for a week or maximum month.  In these turbulent days, everything can instantly change fast.  Invest in new experiences. Life is short and very unpredictable. 

Be super creative. Do what you love doing right now. You might stop loving doing it one day and will find your next thing you would love to do more. Chaos is dynamic.

It’s the new normal.  You can’t fight chaos or organise it in a simple order.  Chaos is the order that has a very complex nature.  To live in chaos, you need to become chaos.

Do new things, do opposite things.  Be always on the move.  Communicate with people about everything. Try things you wanted to try, but was laying aside for the best time to come.

The best time will never come because your best time is now. When you become chaos, the chaos of the world will match the chaos inside you.  And within your life you will see the certain order.

You will meet the right people and will attract needed resources.  It will happen because you are dynamic, doing new things, always moving and communicating with people. Become one with the dynamic of chaos. 

You will do what you love and succeed in your creativity and financial side of your life. Be dynamic with the chaos waves. Surf with joy.