AXXAVI [æksa:vi]   Hand-painted hoodies, t-shirts and more by a UK designer. Unique style. Quality inspiring clothes for people to wear with pleasure and care.


My name is Zoia, I’m a woman creative from Somerset, UK. 

Few years ago I had a feeling in me of how great it could be to have a clothing brand. This idea didn’t come to life until now.

I follow inspiring people on YouTube. I’ve noticed one thing. Every time I saw someone wearing a great hoodie, I couldn’t sit still. 

I thought, wow this looks great, and suddenly I became so obsessed with the idea that it can be made even better. Soon I painted my own design hoodie. 

I aim for AXXAVI merch to add some charm, kind spirit, power to the look as well as feeling of comfort that quality clothing gives.

With AXXAVI I create strong designs that are power, movement, love and action inspired. These designs look great, especially when you move. When you walk, cycle, dance, skate or interact with people, you are inspired and you inspire people who see you.

I value your freedom of spirit and self-expression. I believe even if life is not easy in this turbulent world; you need to feel joy and enjoy every day of your life.

You are born to create and to love. I would like to inspire you to take actions. Actions are stronger than words. AXXAVI kind designs align with your kind spirit. Everyone needs to be loved. 

Bold visuals with high contrast when you don’t want to hide, but want to live openly with no fear. 

Live on. Enjoy now. Create and love.